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Our health care providers, Jamie Van Horssen, APRN; Chris Van Horssen, BSN, DNP, APRN; Brittany Carnahan, BSN, DNP, APRN, are uniquely trained to care for patients as a whole person, unlike providers who specialize in treating one particular organ, disease, gender or age group. In addition to treating acute and chronic concerns, your Family Medicine provider conducts routine health screenings and gives guidance on lifestyle changes in an effort to prevent illnesses before they develop.

About Us

Mountain View Family Health Care, PC has been providing medical care for the entire family since 1997. From birth through the many stages of life, your family medicine care provider is the person who knows your medical history the best. We believe that your well-being is a partnership between you and your healthcare provider. It's important to us that your concerns and questions are addressed, so we take great care to listen well and answer all your questions. We are committed to this partnership and strive to provide compassion, cooperation and professionalism.

Mountain View Family Health Care, PC is located in the scenic and historic city of Helena, Montana. We are proud members of a community that is interested in the health of our neighbors and friends. Your care is a priority for us, and we will always treat you life a friend.

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